What is Moodle?  Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.

  It is a web-base learning management system (LMS), designed to create dynamic interactive online  courses and opportunities
  for rich interaction between teachers and learners without having to know the ins and out of web design and development.
What can you do in moodle, specifically? Through Moodle, teachers can:  
  1. Upload video, audio and links relevant to a lesson , Create, conduct and grade quizzes, Assign, collect, review and grade assignments,
  2.  Engage students in a discussion forum, real-time discussion (chat), Post classroom blogs,
  3. Work collaboratively on group-edited document, And many more…
HBAS moodle is the e-LearningOnline platform powered by MOODLE that is supported by Huntington Beach Adult School,
 it is your Virtual Classroom accessed online. HBAS moodle e-LearningOnLine is used by instructors to post assignments/activities,
 messages, and other course materials for their class. HBAS eLearningOnLine is used by HBAS instructors to enhance traditional
 face-to-face classes, as well as for fully online and blended/hybrid classes.

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